Christmas Count Down

Today is the first of December and I am really allowed to bring out all the decorations, eat yule-candy and start baking. Husband and Son have both got their calendars. Son has names his “mama ouch”, as a I banged my knew when I first showed it to him, and thus proclaimed ‘Ouch!’. So whenever anyone comments on it, he tells them the real name of the calendar (‘Mamma au!’ in Norwegian) Thank goodness I was able to hold back the words that I really wanted to scream. That would probably be a better story to tell… Husband hasn’t got his yet, as he’s not at home to open it, but he will be soon.

Well, since we’re all so excited about yule, I thought I’d have a countdown using all my favourite yule carols, or songs, most of them are probably classified as pop songs. We start out with a quiet song, one I am not able to sing along to.

Andrea Bocelli – Silent Night


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