Chicken soup

I made this soup ages ago, or, well about a month and a half judging by the photos. I had forgotten all about it, but today I give you chicken soup with a wee santa on the side.

What you need is:

about 400grams of chicken in small pieces

One handful of pea pods (yes, your hand)

Two carrots

Ginger about half the size of your thumb

One lime

One handful of bean-sprouts

Half a hand of cashew nuts (or peanuts)

Two tablespoons of soy sauce

One stock cube (vegetable)

About half a litre of water

Put the water, stock cube, ginger and chicken in a pot. Put a lid on and wait until it boils. Then add the pea pods, chopped carrots and let it boil for five minutes. Add the soy sauce and lime.

Sprinkle bean-sprouts and cashews over and serve immediately. I served with the ‘polar breads’ I told you about here.


A future in arts…

Son has a new hobby, and I think I’m a little scared by it. I took him to where I used to work probably about a year ago, or maybe more. A former colleague accused him for looking at the paintings decorating the room, and said she was convinced this little fella would be an art professor, specialising in oil paintings or something worse. She probably didn’t see how scared this made me, but truth is, it has given me many a sleepless night!

Recently I gave in to crazy ideas and left logical thinking outside. I bought finger-paint, though of the acrylic type, or at least water-based. No oil paintings in this house! I let son play around and he had the time of his life. Now all he wants to do is paint!! What am I to do?


I’ve always said that I don’t mind what my son turns out to be, career wise. But a professor of art? No, that’s stretching it a bit too far baby!

Anyway, the event turned out to be not only bad. I got some great shot of him as he used all his fingers to transfer the paint to paper. And it also left us a couple of nice paintings for his room. I’ll frame some of the photos as well and hang them with his paintings. They might remind him of how much fun it is to paint, and, well, all I really want is to see him happy and content, even if that means a PhD in art…


Salmon leftovers

Leftover dinner again. Secret is to make them slightly different every time and the family will think they’re being to treated to a completely new dish. Fish was on the menu for today, and after glancing through Jamie’s book this is what I came up with.

I diced the veggies; pea pods, broccoli, asparagus, paprika and mushrooms. Leftovers found in the fridge. Then it put some rice on boil. I sometimes add a little bit of turmeric to the rice it doesn’t give off much taste, but makes the rice bright yellow. Always fun for the kids. I then diced the salmon and added it to a pan with a few spoons of tandoori curry paste. The veggies went in afterwards, and I left them on the heat until the rice was done.

Sprinkle on some lemon juice and serve immediately.


I’m dreaming of a white..

No, not christmas, I already got that. I have a kitchen that is driving me mad! It’s pretty enough, but it needs to be more practical. We moved in here a few years ago and haven’t done anything anywhere, but this kitchen cries for an upgrade. It was redone only a few years before we moved in, and claimed to be done with someone with some sort of degree in interior design. I don’t believe it for a minute! It’s pretty enough, but the storage facilities, well, don’t get me started.

It is a plain Ikea kitchen and easy to fix. Only problem is; they don’t have the same fronts, doors and drawers anymore. So if we change the interior fittings of one cabinet, we have to change the fronts on all of them. So, I finally have husband agreeing with me that this is something that needs to be done, but we don’t know what colour to choose.

Part of me wants to do something crazy, and go for red. But we don’t plan on living in this house forever and need to think of future buyers rather than what we really want. But still, I love this colour!

We’ve thought about white. The floor is dark, our dining set is dark and most of the furniture around here is. (A tad darker than the floor) So white make brighten the room quite a bit.

Then there is this colour, which would mean hardly any difference at all and it matched the furniture. But a bit to monochromatic?

I’d love to hear your say about this, and I’ll post back soon as I have a solution.


What TV addiction cost me…

I have a new favourite tv-channel. Late last year we got a new on here in Norway (we don’t have that many, so you actually notice when something new pops up). I usually don’t watch too much tv as I tend to forget when the shows I like are on. I never find out when new shows start up (or I forget and remember a few days later) or when the new season starts. But everything, I though, was going to change with this new channel. They would show Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Desperate Housewives and Armywives form the first episode, of the first season. I would finally be on board, and be able to chat with everyone else about the happenings and interesting plots of marvelous characters.

Jeg har fått en ny favorittkanal på tv. Du har sikkert fått med deg bliss som starter opp sent I fjor en gang. Vanligvis ser jeg ikke mye på tv, jeg har en lei tendens til å glemme når program vises og får heller ikke med meg når nye serier begynner, eller sesongpremierer. Men alt dette endret seg med bliss. Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Desperate Housewives og Koneklubben var serier som skulle begynne fra første episode, sesong 1. Endelig, tenkte jeg, skulle jeg kunne melde meg inn I klubben for oppdaterte serietittere. Alt for mange ganger har jeg stått som et spørsmålstegn når folk har snakket om hendelser fra de forskjellige seriene. Endelig skulle jeg bli med.

I was wrong though. I don’t have time for it, and it’s not really one of my priorities. Besides,  all series, except Glee, would air every single day. I tape them all so I don’t have to watch at a specific time every day as I am not able to do just that. But still it meant I would have to watch at least three hours of television every day! Who can do that? I checked online and saw that Glee was on sale, the entire first seasons for only a few pounds (just making it past two digits) so I erased all of those episodes. Desperate Housewives became a little too desperate for my taste (after three episodes of season two – I borrowed the first season on dvd some time ago). So that had to go as well. Armywives seems hard to find on dvd, so I now have about 20 episodes stuck on my box, but I think those have to meet the red button soon as well. And then we’re left with Grey’s Anatomy. Which is fun. But it’s getting a little desperate as well.

Jeg tok veldig feil. Jeg har jo ikke tid til sånn, og ikke prioriteres det nok heller. Jeg tar det opp, det hadde ikke gått uten, jeg husker aldri å sette meg ned foran tv ett spesielt klokkeslett hver dag. I tillegg sendes alt, bortsett fra Glee, hver eneste dag. I snitt blir det 3 timer daglig med tv. Så jeg sjekket nettet og fant Glee billig på platekompaniet. Så da ble de episodene slettet. De desperate fruene ble litt for desperate for meg etter noen få episoder uti andre sesong, så forsvant også (jeg har faktisk sett hele sesong en etter å ha lånt dem på dvd). Men Koneklubben får jeg ikke tak i, så de står fast på boksen, foreløpig, og øker med en time til dagen. Jeg er nå oppi omtrent 20 episoder. Så de slettes nok også snart… Så sitter jeg igjen med Grey’s Anatomy. Som er underholdende. Men jeg vet ikke hvor lenge jeg holder ut.

I’m now on season 3 or 4, I don’t really know. (For those of you familiar with it O’Malley and Izzie have just started dating, after the divorce, and are already having problems). I think the whole McDreamy/Meredith thing is getting a little old, already, and something tells me they’ll be at this on/off thing for a while longer. And then it occurred to me, there are too many series with on/off relationships as their main glue. Friends’ Rachel and Ross, Leonard and Penny in the Big Bang Theory. I’m sure there a loads more, but I wouldn’t know! Oh, wait, House! House and Cuddy! There you go, another one.

Jeg er nå på sesong 3 eller 4, jeg følger egentlig ikke med på det. (Viss du kjenner til det så har O’Malley og Izzie nettopp blitt sammen etter skilsmissen og har allerede problemer). Hele tingen med Meredith og McDreamy begynner jeg å bli litt lei av. Og noe sier meg at dette av/på forholdet komme til å vare en stund. Andre serier har jo brukt det som trekkplaster numero uno veldig, veldig lenge. Ross og Rachel i Friends! Leonard og Penny i Big Bang. Det er sikkert mange flere (som House og Cuddy…)

I think I’ll stick with it until the end of this season before I realize I should just find something more interesting to talk to my friends about…

Jeg holder nok ut til slutten av sesong før jeg innser at jeg bør finne mer interessante ting å snakke med vennene mine om…

A sign of life…

I’m miles from where you are,
I lay down on the cold ground
And I, I pray that something picks me up
and sets me down in your warm arms

Two weeks of being a single parent is now coming to an end. Wonderful Husband is coming back tomorrow, and life might return to normal. My blogging shows the spare time I’ve had for the past weeks. I’ve started a second course at Uni, and it requires quite a lot of work. The few hours I’ve had while Son has been blissfully sleeping have been dominated by sentences of this kind:


“Earlier studies also suggest that oral proficiency, metalinguistic awareness, and general cognitive development are crucial skills for literacy acquisition”


I know a lot more about bilingual children learning to read since last time I posted here, knowledge that might come in very handy some day 😉 I’m also behind on the work on my thesis because of various reasons connected to personal illness over the holiday (see, I’m not complaining, that was just stating a fact. But you are allowed to feel a little sorry for me). I am afraid my poor supervisor is having as many sleepless nights as I have (though lately sleepless night have given way to restless sleep full of weird dreams mostly containing said supervisor and different types of failed projects, last night it was a pizza I was not able to finish…).


Son is loving each day, as always, but struggling a bit to get into his normal sleeping pattern after a few nights of disturbed sleep. His favourite new word is no. Though the word is not used very often, his actions often match the meaning. Today after refusing to have his diaper changed, he kicked and screamed and started crying when I told him off, and that he was hurting me when he kicked like that. This was before kindergarten. Going home, he fell asleep in the car and I carefully carried him to his bed for his nap. He woke up when I put him in his bed. As I wrapped his duvet around him he looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said:

Son: Mama?

Me: yes?

Son: Me kick mama, mama au.

I had to think for a second to remember the moment earlier.

Me: Yes, that hurt.

Son: Sowee…


My heart melted and Son is now allowed to do as he please whenever he wants.



Leftover dinner

I just had to share this dinner tip with you. About a year ago I would never dare try anything like it. Not because it’s difficult. But it’s nothing. It’s just scraps. And what everyone seems to make and nobody bother’s tell you how. I’m not posting this to patronize everyone, it’s just in case there’s anyone out there as hopeless in the kitchen as I was myself some time back.

It’s cheap, healthy and easy. If you have some leftover meat then use that, if not, use something else. Leftover meat could be anything form minced meat with taco seasoning, boiled ham, what’s left on a grilled chicken; anything. First chop an onion and add it to a large pan. When it looks golden add the meat. Now, put in any type of vegetables you like. I always add a green squash. For kids (or adults) who claim they don’t like vegetables squash is always safe. If you want to trick them peel it first so that nothing green is visible, it’s hard to spot, and it absorbs the taste of the meat and onion. Add a few tomatoes, or a can of chopped tomatoes. They will dissolve and just look like sauce, no one who doesn’t like vegetables will notice they’re up against the real deal. Add a little water, a stock cube and a little rice. Some beans if you have, a little maize. Then let it simmer on low heat under a lid for about 15 minutes. Then you add broccoli and pineapple, or anything else that doesn’t need long to cook. When the last added vegetables are tender, the dish is done.


If you now have picky eaters they will remove the most obvious vegetables, but they will eat what they like and whatever they eat will have absorbed much of the goodness of the other products and you can relax about them eating well.

The leftovers you save for the next day, put them in a casserole and sprinkle cheese on top. Serve with baguettes or a salad. Dinner for two days made in 30 minutes.