Nails – my new style

Gorgeous nails from Karoline at Nationail Photographic

I have a friend, Karoline, who has the most awesome nail-blog I’ve ever come across. (now, I haven’t really been out looking for nail-blogs to contradict my statement, but, I mean, look at it!) She has a collection of polishes that exceeds her shoe collection – and that is something!

Karoline fixed my nails for my graduation, and did a wonderful job. I had a pretty pink colour as base, and a flourish stamp on top in a paler pink. Something similar to this:

As fascinated as I am over her skills and devotion to her interest, I am far from a nail person myself. Which apparently became obvious to Karoline as she did my nails: I was the first ‘customer’ not to be transfixed with her technique as she added one layer of polish after the other onto my nails.

I loved having my nails done. The nails looked gorgeous, but as I said I’m not much of a nail person. There’s the smell, both of the polish itself and the polish remover, and the smell lingers, which actually made me feel slightly intoxicated during my first night with polished nails. My fingers feel different with the polish on, which I know is just something you get used to, but I didn’t dare touch anything for the first couple of days. After a few days though I couldn’t do it anymore, and I forgot everything Karoline had said about wearing gloves while doing the dishes, and similar good advice to make the polish last. I am sorry to say that the beautiful pink colour was flaking pretty soon.

Anyhow, as I was working in my herb garden here the other day, I thought of Karoline. I don’t like wearing gloves unless I need to to prevent cold from biting of my fingertips, or heat from blistering my palms. While working in the garden, washing, doing dishes, or similar activities I can’t stand wearing gloves. I have running, hot water at several locations in my house, at these locations you are also likely to come across soap of some sort. There’s no need for gloves.

I took a picture, Karoline-style, to show off my new colour. I’d like to call it ‘dirt brown’. Notice how it doesn’t only cover my nails, but it’s also to be found underneath my nails and stretching up to cover most of my hand.


10 thoughts on “Nails – my new style

  1. Haha! Funny! Du skulle ha laga deg en egen lakk (en franken) med samme navn inspirert av urtene og jorda.. Den kunne blitt veldig fin!
    Takk for mange fiine komplimenter! 😀

    • Alle komplemangå e fortjent 🙂 Du får komma å se på jordå og urtene og laga ein farge du 🙂 Tror eg holde meg t mine naturlige fargar 😉

    • Good to hear I’m not alone 🙂 But our nails should be expected to look like a mess most of the time. In between doing dishes, changing diapers, gardening, baking, etc. where would we find time to make our nails pretty?

  2. Love the color in the first pic! Such a gorgeous shade! Thanks for sharing! I’m new to blogging here and I just love how supportive and creative everyone is!

  3. hahaha… you are so funny 🙂 Yeah, my nails are always a mess sometimes… I would love to have a beautiful nail paints as in Karoline’s blog 🙂

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