The Beach

Husband, Son and I were sitting around the table eating when Husband turns to Son (who was not very keen on eating) and says: “Take one more bite and we’ll go to the beach afterwards”. I was a little surprised, but what a wonderful surprise!

We have often said that we ought to go to the beach. We only live a short drive away from some amazing sand dunes and really have no excuse not to go. But we have just never kicked ourselves in the butt and walked out the door.

The scenery is just wonderful. Long, sandy, beaches and a fresh ocean breeze coming in from the North Sea. The afternoon was rather cloudy, but we had no rain until a wee drizzle surprised on our way back to the car.

Son loved it, of course, and so did we. I had time to play around with my camera. Toying with the manual setting, which I am trying to figure out and eventually master. I shot some beautiful pictures of us all together, but I also managed to capture the view in, what I consider, at least a presentable way. I hope you like them. 


4 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. Ska sei du har fått dreisen på fotoapparatet!! Eg blir reint skjelven med tanke på å vise mine bilder for ettertiden

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