Peanut butter truffles

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Problem is, they’re hard to find in this part of the country. And when I do stumble upon someone importing them, they cost about an arm and a leg. Yes, it’s worth it, but still…

Over at Pinterest I came across this post and I just had to try. Husband and I were playing about with a chocolate recipe earlier this week and had a few hundred grams of chocolate left. Just enough in which to dip these small peanut butter truffles. 

I will definitely make these again. Though next time I will add a wee bit more salt, swap some of the icing sugar with regular sugar or fructose and also make a bigger batch. They were that good! And, by making them myself I control everything going into these pieces of deliciousness, which means there are no dubious ingredients and they can also be made with so little added sugar and fat that they consist of little more than peanuts and chocolate.

And, after watching a little too much of South Park during my teenage years, I can’t help but have Chef’s “Chocolate Salty Balls” on repeat in my head when thinking about these…


10 thoughts on “Peanut butter truffles

    • Oooh, that sounds interesting, I though they did lack a bit of salt. Will definitely try that next time! And yes, they were a lot better than Reese’s cups!

    • well, cacao is a plant, and is good for you, sugar is from a root vegetable – must be good for you and peanuts contain all sorts of healthy fats 🙂

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