Out of focus – through a fence

Drumnadrochit, which could have been a guided boat tour of Loch Ness and hours spent at Urquhart Castle, became instead a lengthy discussion around the breakfast table. We considered the boat trip, but decided against, then we decided on the castle, but didn’t do that either. We did get very close to the castle though, without ever being near it…

We parked near the castle and were ready to go in. A few bus loads of tourists, a visitor’s centre and a wall set up between the parking lot and the castle made us change our minds. I had pictured castle ruins where I could roam around like a kid, climb walls and crawl around to get some good photos. Sharing the castle with that many other tourists was just not all that interesting.

The wall hiding the castle was decorated with friendly signs telling us not to climb the wall, and warning us of the dangerous fall that would make itself present if we did climb the walls. But, those friendly Scots had, of course, been kind enough to put up a railing as tall as the wall. The railing was about a foot from the wall and thus safe to climb without getting too near the dangerous and sudden drop.

Yours truly, not doing anything wrong! Photo taken by one of my fabulous travel companions

I thus managed to get a few photos of the castle, though, through a fence, and most out of focus. 


9 thoughts on “Out of focus – through a fence

    • The colour comes with the rain The leaves had just started changing colour when we were and some of three-clad areas we drove through were incredibly beautiful – masterpieces of colour combinations!
      Thanks for reading

      • The grass is always greener on the other side? Here in fact it is! I thought we got almost the same amounts of rain, but for some reason the fields are greener across the fjord…

  1. hehe, likte bilde der du nesten, bare nesten, bryde “loven”.. 😉
    eg hadde nok ikje brydd meg om alle turistene, for det slottet ville eg sitt, såg spennande ut…

    • Me kom oss t et aent slott seinare, me færre turister og uten asfalterte gangveier. Asfalterte gangveier føles liksom isje liga originalt 😉 komme bilder derifra og 🙂 Kjekt at du e innom å lese 🙂

  2. Ahahah!! It reminds me when I did this trip to Loch Ness and Inverness! We stopped there for a short beak and your photos show exactly what I and obviously you saw of the castle :D.

    • And I still don’t regret seeing more of it… There are a few other castles we ‘missed’ on our trip, which I will go back and have a look at sometime soon, but this one, well, it just wasn’t as tempting… Left me with some interesting photos, and good memories 🙂

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