As the train left the station

The warm light looks welcoming

I was reading 1984 while in London before christmas. I haven’t finished the book yet, I really like it but the last weeks the few moments I’ve had to relax, I have not felt in the mood for sharing those moments with a book, no matter how much I like it. The book still has the bookmark in it, I still remember where I had to let go, and as soon as Husband’s back home and I’m spending the morning on the bus I’ll get back to the story.

But nobody enters and they close, revealing their taunting colours

Anyway, this post was not supposed to be an apology or explanation for not finishing a good book. What I wanted to show you were these photos I took while waiting for the train. Photos that I felt an urge to take there and then, but I couldn’t immediately say why I felt this urge. When I a little later sat down on the train and fished my book out of my bag I realised why. Big brother’s watching you…


4 thoughts on “As the train left the station

  1. That’s the thing, they need security for certain violence that happens in places such as this, or cities like London. Although, when you look deeper, there’s a certain level where we do feel it becomes pervasive and that some may feel we’re being watched no matter where we go. I think to a certain degree, we all feel sceptical of this, I even feel that way about my Kinect Sensor device attached to my 360. Maybe paranoid, but that’s that.

    • Yeah, there’s a fine line between the two. I don’t mind the cameras, can’t say I think about them too much. But the tapes are mostly ignored unless they for some reason need to be looked at, and when those reasons occur I guess I’m glad they’re there..

  2. I don’t envy you folks at all…I understand why the cameras are in cities…we are still pretty rural where I live. Don’t think Big Brother would see much action watching corn grow or cows out in the fields. Thank goodness for that!

    • I live in a small city. Don’t really notice cameras unless I find some where I supposed there’d be none.. Watching cows? sounds like the next big reality tv-show!

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