Taking care of the Londoners

In a city as big as London I really must admire their ability to care for their inhabitants. The city I live in is dramatically smaller and never have I ever been made aware of uncontrolled pedestrians. Here they just appear out of the blue. They scare the crap out of me! Thank you London!


6 thoughts on “Taking care of the Londoners

  1. Oh my gosh….uncontrolled pedestrians?? Are they wild in nature and just do what they want? Do they not have leashes? Do they jump out from behind things? Do they run around screaming and yelling? It must be pretty crazy in London!

    • Well, apparently there seems to be one sign for each of them, so at least people are warned! I didn’t see any, so I don’t have first-hand information about their behaviour. Might have to go back in order to find out more about this phenomenon… 😛

    • You haven’t? I saw quite a few during the few days I was there. Might be one of those things you don’t notice until someone point them out…
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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