Jamie Oliver and Yorkshire Puddings

Few inspire me more in the kitchen than Jamie Oliver. These days his show “Jamie Oliver’s Great Britain” is on and now I enjoy one show per week and try to take on some of the recipes as challenges. Last week I saw an episode where he made Yorkshire puddings. It looked easy enough but comments connected to the recipe online suggested it wasn’t as easy as it first seemed.

The dish was made as a starter with yorkshire pudding and a creamy pate with horseradish and smoked trout. I wanted to serve it as dinner and thus served it with crispy cod filets and asparagus.

The dish was divine! The combination of the soft pudding and the pate was incredible. The pate was a bit on the sour side, but I have a tendency to squeeze out more juice from a lemon than recipes seem to expect. Son used the pate to dip the cod, he wasn’t too fond of the asparagus, but the pate worked wonderful as a dip for that too. The yorkshire puddings were easier than expected and rose more than I expected them to.

The recipe for Jamie’s starter can be found here. The cod was simply dipped in eggs and breadcrumbs and fried in a non-stick pan with a wee bit of oil. The asparagus were treated to a few minutes in the pan as well, drizzled with a few drops of lemon juice and a sprinkle of sea salt.


4 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver and Yorkshire Puddings

  1. I like Jamie Oliver show too 🙂 His dish is simple and easy to follow. Now that pudding really looks so good. I really need to try that 🙂

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