Spring is here!

Spring has arrived! The temperature has now reached a two digit number, the days are longer, the leaves are popping out and the world is slowly and carefully coming back to life. We has just returned from a short trip to London, which was fabulous, and life is good! To complain a bit: I could do with a better immune system, and I’m behind on work because of lack of energy and oh-too-many days spent under the duvet due to various flu-like viruses. But time will take care of it all and I should soon be back on my feet.

While still only longing for spring, after seeing but a few, discrete signs that winter was letting go, Son and I decided to kick-start spring inside. A few empty milk and juice cartons were remodelled slightly to serve as beds for newborn herbs.

After only a few days green sprouts dotted the black soil, and already before they had reached a centimetre in height, the herbs already gave off a delicate scent and a promise of what’s to come. Son has been tenderly watering and checking on his plants every day and is very excited to observe their development. 


6 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. Spring temps are coming soon. I think it is great that you are teaching your little boy gardening. When we were little, my Mom taught us too, and used to let us plant an area of the garden with whatever we wanted to!

    • My Son has learned a lot from of, among other things to care for the plants. He understands better how living things need nourishment and nurturing.

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