We have returned home to where we all fluently speak the language after having spent two weeks in Italy. Husband’s been here once before, I’ve been there about 15 times, while Son has his heart set on returning for a second time. We return home with a suitcase full of memories, a slight tan, and an improved Italian vocabulary.

We spent a week by the Garda Lake (Lago di Garda) and then a week in Bibione; a small town some kilometres from Venice. The first week we spent alone, just the three of us. The second we were joined by my entire family. My father just turned 60 and invited all children and grandchildren to spend a week in Italy.

We have had tons of fun, eaten well, and spent the most part of every day outside in the sun. Perfect temperatures of between 25 and 30 degrees have truly set the mood. More to be told in the days to come. Enjoy the summer!


4 thoughts on “Italy

  1. Wow I would love to visit Italy…everyone in my family has been there but me. Someday soon I hope!!! Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time and I can’t wait to see and hear about it!

    • Italy’s always fantastic! I haven’t travelled to many different places in the country, but have been there quite a few times and I always love it! You should go!

  2. The Lake Garda is beautiful. One of places that I always loved to visit is Venice. I hope I can finally visit the place soon. Would really like to try the romantic gondola ride. Have you tried it?

    • Venice is gorgeous! But unfortunately all my visits to the city have been cursed: I always fall ill on the day visiting the city…. Always!

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