Board games and wee children

20120822-165951.jpgEarlier this week a local newspaper had an article on the benefits of playing board games with children – and there are quite a lot of them! I imagine many parents took their time to sit down with their children to play board games that afternoon. For me it was good to get a reminder of what I can do with Son that doesn’t require too much on my part (growing a baby and a bump is something parts of my body disagrees with to some extent and has made me rather handicapped). We had actually bought a board game for Son earlier that week, thinking that he now would be old enough to get the point of some of the simpler games. This is the ‘ladder game’, or what is probably ‘snakes and ladders’ in the English speaking world. Son loves it and has had no hard time grasping the concept of the simple game – I guess we’ve underestimated him a bit. But I haven’t tried beating him yet, and that includes a wee bit of cheating on my side…


2 thoughts on “Board games and wee children

  1. Board games are great! We have given so many to my nephew (who is now 13) and he still plays with them! I think this was the first game my parents gave us as kids. Same concept except it was called “chutes and ladders.” We would play that game for hours and hours!

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