Nostalgia at the funfair

First time I was in Bibione was in 1990. It was our first time in Italy and I was only five. I remember loads from the time there. “Italia ’90” – the FIFA world cup (football, yes) was going on at the time. Italians took football crazy to a whole new level. I’ll never forget.

I remember some of the people we met. Some of them we still keep in touch with and visit every time we’re in Italy. Some were my brothers’ summer flirts, and probably people they never want to be reminded of ever again. The ice-cream, the swimming pool, the food, the heat, the beach, the sea. It was fantastic.

One other thing that clearly stands out is the funfair. I went back some time, probably in the mid nineties, and this year I returned again. And it had not changed a bit! This time I was standing in the shadow of my Son. It was fantastic! He’s younger than I was when I was there for the first time, so he didn’t care as much for the same rides that I simply loved, at age five. I was a little too handicapped to be able to try anything much, but I had my camera with me and stood cheering on the side.  I also walked around and had a look, breathing in the same smells from years gone by and noticed details from a world preserved for decades.


5 thoughts on “Nostalgia at the funfair

  1. OOPS…I forgot to mention the great photos…I really like how you angled the camera…I need to do that more. It makes the photos that much more fun and interesting!

    • Thank you very much 🙂 With all the railings and colours the angle seemed to work well with the ride.
      Son is often talking about the trip to Italy, and as long as he keeps reminding himself of it like that, he will remember for a very long time 🙂

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