High summer adventures

Chattering delightfully - High summer adventuresSome kids were visiting. I took them out exploring in the neighbourhood that was unknown and exciting to them. Two little girls, sun-kissed legs under floral summer dresses, one little boy with a bushy blond hair and big blue eyes, the fourth child, a little girl, in a buggy with bare toes pointing straight up at the blue sky.

A turn right and we found two large redcurrant shrubs. All speaking children claimed not to like redcurrants. The baby is still omnivorous, she loved them. I dared the older children to find the brightest coloured berry. Halfway through the competition I told them that if they did find the brightest berry they had to hurry and eat it, before I did.  Suddenly they all liked redcurrants, and always had. Next they learned how to eat all the berries off a cluster, or raceme. Suddenly they loved redcurrants. We picked a few more racemes to bring as snacks on our little venture. We moved on.

Further down the road we found eggs. Huge, round, bright-white eggs. The wee boy claimed they were balls of hay, wrapped in plastic. But after a few winks and raise of the eyebrows followed by a smile he enthusiastically joined in on the story that these eggs were tractor eggs. Each egg containing a wee baby tractor just waiting to grow big enough to come out. Some were probably purple, some were pink, and some had to be red, because the kids had seen that on the telly.

The best surprise came down the opposite direction of the same road. While discussing where the “shrunkens” (tiny little humans who had set up a tiny heliport in one of the gardens around us) might be hiding from us. The the youngest speaking girl let out a shriek and stared at me with terror in her eyes pointing at something I at first didn’t see behind the buggy. A kitten. Coal black and younger than four months. It came running towards us, tail high. It purred and it played and had two of the kids jump around, sweeping, swinging and waving straws for the kitty to play with. The terrified little girl found refuge in my arms, while the youngest of them all had fallen asleep in the buggy.

We played and we ran, we skipped and we jumped. But suddenly our adventure had come to and end. The wee boy was injured. The kitty’s claw had hit a spot of unarmoured flesh and torn it up to the extent where nothing could fix it but a small plaster from the zoo, preferably one with a giraffe on it. The tiger patterned would not do, the tiger being  too closely related to the little cat. To take his mind of the toe, which he was afraid would be his bane, we turned our attention to the flowers growing on the side of the road. By the time we came back to the waiting plaster we had picked ourselves a nice little bouquet.

The flowers decorated the table for some days. The weather changed and summer-dresses gave way to warmer garments. Closing my eyes I can still hear the children laughing, the birds singing, the soft purring of the cat.


A small piece of Africa

IMG_9099A small piece of Africa only a few hours’ drive from us. And see those clouds? they came with rain. Loads of it

Summer’s still here


School’s started, evenings are getting darker, temperature hasn’t changed much, but there’s change in the air. Summer flowers are looking increasingly miserable, plums are just about ripe and Norwegian strawberries are a thing of the past. But summer’s still here. It’s clinging on with a mighty grip, with warm beaming sunshine, clear blue skies and green grass that long for bare feet to hustle through.


I took our kids out walking today. Just a wee stroll around the neighbourhood. We were going mental at home. Poor Son has not spent time with kids his own age for quite some time and seem to need some time to play with someone at his own level. We were nagging and quarrelling when I had enough. I needed to change where this was going. I took the kids out and walked to the beach.


It’s amazing what fresh air does to a weary brain. It is wonderful what the fresh breeze does to your mind. And it is simply amazing what humming bumblebees and white flowers do to your mood. For and hour or so it was all bliss. Sunshine. Sea. Summer heat. Laughing children. I savour that moment.

We returned to “keep your voice down inside”, “leave your sister alone”, “stop jumping up and down while eating dinner”. I’ll scrap those memories. Today we went to the beach!

There’s no place like home

Delightful Chatter - baby-girl room

We’re finally home! The past five weeks I haven’t spent more than a few days at home. It’s so good to be sleeping in my own bed again. Curl up on my own sofa again. We’ve visited wonderful people, but right now, this evening, I’m so glad to have only my most immediate family in the house, in our house, in our home.

The picture is from Daughter’s room. We’ve been redecorating it over the past months. Soon it will be  finished. I can’t wait to show you!


anneblabbers cinnamon bun and a hot cup of teaToday I had the house all to myself for a precious moment. Or, at least, almost to myself: Daughter was outside taking a nap. It’s fun having the house full of life at all times, but sometimes solitude and silence is luxury to long for.

I’ve sat for a while now listening to the humming of a dishwasher and the ticking of a clock, while catching up on some of my favourite blogs and drinking a big cup of tea. This morning’s tea was Lipton’s Earl Grey in my in-laws’ blue seal cup. And the cinnamon bun was baked rather quickly last night after spending the entire day in the zoo. Rain came upon us during the last hours and called for warm, freshly baked buns as we came home.

My in-laws’ have almost a cupboard full of different cups and mugs gathered from across both time and space. Each one of them reflecting memories related to its purchase. I don’t know their stories so I make up my own. This seal, for instance, has been further north than I’ve ever been. Seen some spectacular mountains and scenic coastal views.

Enjoy your day 🙂

Summer dinner


Husband, Son and my father-in-law went fishing and came back with four wee mackerels. Mother-in-law did the dirty work, and a few minutes later dinner was served.

One mackerel each. Fried in a pan with a heavy dose of butter, a spoon or two of sour cream and a good sprinkle of freshly cut parsley. Served with boiled potatoes fresh from the soil and a light cucumber salad.

The dish should be followed by rhubarb soup for desert, but unfortunately it is already out of season.

Soul lotion

I’ve heard some call it lotion for the soul. It is soothing. It is refreshing. So I can see why.

Today my lotion was scented with the smell of sun-heated fields and a breeze surfing through huge, ancient oak trees. It also contained corn and potato fields, summer flowers and an eight-month-old littlegirl with a smile that put the sun to shame.


All if this is just off my doorstep these days. What is the best lotion for your soul?