Summer’s still here


School’s started, evenings are getting darker, temperature hasn’t changed much, but there’s change in the air. Summer flowers are looking increasingly miserable, plums are just about ripe and Norwegian strawberries are a thing of the past. But summer’s still here. It’s clinging on with a mighty grip, with warm beaming sunshine, clear blue skies and green grass that long for bare feet to hustle through.


I took our kids out walking today. Just a wee stroll around the neighbourhood. We were going mental at home. Poor Son has not spent time with kids his own age for quite some time and seem to need some time to play with someone at his own level. We were nagging and quarrelling when I had enough. I needed to change where this was going. I took the kids out and walked to the beach.


It’s amazing what fresh air does to a weary brain. It is wonderful what the fresh breeze does to your mind. And it is simply amazing what humming bumblebees and white flowers do to your mood. For and hour or so it was all bliss. Sunshine. Sea. Summer heat. Laughing children. I savour that moment.

We returned to “keep your voice down inside”, “leave your sister alone”, “stop jumping up and down while eating dinner”. I’ll scrap those memories. Today we went to the beach!


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