The last dance – Part 1

ChatteringAnne - Kaizer's' last danceIn February, while I was taking care of a very wee baby, the tickets were made available. In a daze where little sleep, force-feeding a baby that slept through everything and trying to taking care two children instead of one took up too much of my brain capacity, Kaizers Orchestra declared this to be their very last year in the music industry, ending it all with a total of nine concerts during a ten-day-period in September.

Kaizers are big here, they’re huge! No chance as a prophet in your own land? We’re talking divine status. Still I naively thought the concerts would take some time to sell out. I was wrong. I soon realised how wrong I was and had to get a ticket myself, quickly! The only available were seated single tickets, so that’s what I go.
I’ve never been to a concert all by myself. I had my parents babysitting. The day had been ‘hectic’ – to be modest. I didn’t even have time for a shower. I quickly changed. My phone in one pocket, a VISA card in the other along with a neatly folded ticket. 20 degrees on a September day holding on to summer. A perfect evening.

image copy

The entrance were decorated with images summing up the band’s career. There was prop-shops and bars and modest yet pompous decorations reflecting the style of the band. I walked around taking it all in.  Walking around all by myself was quite liberating. I had time to look, think and feel.  Feeling my stomach tighten as I knew that a few hours from now I would have seen them live for the very last time.
I found my seat. The stress of the day was still heavy on my shoulders. I sat down, let out a deep breath and let it all go. My view was good. I was not too far from the stage. Then I sunk down on the seat took up my phone and spent some time in my own little bubble. Waiting.



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