Yuletide by the fireside

Delightful Chatter yuletideChristmas, or yule, is on the doorsteps. Or to be honest, yule has entered the house and now sit comfortably snuggled up in the most comfortable corner in our living room and has no intention of leaving anytime soon. It is a cosy and comfortable time. The afternoons are dark and we often turn to candles to brighten the evening. We try to spend time together as a family, enjoy each other’s company and relax together. With the short days it seems our energy levels are lower than normal. We’re tired long before night time arrives and seek our beds much earlier than in the bright summer evenings. The shortest day of the year is only a week away and then the days will become longer again, and brighter. But now I’ll snuggle up to christmas in the warmest, cosiest corner of our house. I’ll try to forget everything I have to do and do what I want to do: enjoy a good cup of warm tea, draw the blanket around me and relax.

I hope you too find time to relax now during the cosiest month of the year.

Make the yuletide gay


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