photoI am not one for blog awards. I am honoured to receive them, but I rarely do anything about them. But this time I simply had to. I was given a Liebster-award by Lee over at his blog. He had only passed the award on to a few other bloggers, which made it feel more important than previously received awards. And his questions made the award all the more interesting. He gave me ten questions to answer (which would give you all the information you would ever want or need about me). Here goes:  

  1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

I would be batgirl, or batman’s mom. My son is groing up to become the next batman and he would like no stranger to play the role of batgirl. My faith here has been signed. 

 2. What is your current favorite book and why?

 I have a deep love for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit by dear, old Tolkien, and they would probably have to hold on to the awarded role of my favourite books for a little longer.  And except for than I don’t really have any favourites. I just finished a book concerning the terrorist attack in Norway of 2011 (I wrote about that here and here). ‘En av oss (One of us)’ by Åsne Seierstad. It has not been published in English yet, but it has been picked up by American and (or?) British publishers (or publisher in the singular). The book is awful, amazing, disturbing, mindblowing and out of this world. Keep your eyes open for it and check it out when you can find a copy in your language!

3. Dog, cat, or other? Why?

Cat. Because you have to earn their love. But I love canines as well, but I don’t want to make time for one at the moment. 

4. Animal, vegetable, or mineral? Why?

Are we talking food here? or for companionship? I’d stick to animals for the first and veggies for the second; or swap those to around. Carrots aren’t all that funny and had it not been for my serious craving for meat (don’t think like that!) I’d be a vegetarian. So there. 

5. Men: what style of facial hair do you prefer to wear and why? Women, what style do you prefer to see and why?

That depends so much on the man wearing it. Well trimmed or maintained and something that suits your face is good. But Simon Neil shouldn’t wear it too long, I don’t care for that (so now he knows that!). 

6. Do you bike, run, or swim regularly often? If so, what one tip would you offer someone considering starting? If not, why not?

I walk regularly, or I try to. I was better while on maternity leave. Now I try to find time as often as possible. Bike is in dire need of a clean, but will soon be taken out again. It has been neglected due to my inability to leave the house without having a child or two in tow. 

7. Are you tired of being asked why as part of every question?

No, not really. I was more disappointed this question wasn’t followed by a ‘why’.

8. You have been selected for a slot on a reality TV competition. Which show is it? What do you think your chances are of winning the top prize?

I think I would not bother enough to have a chance to win any top prize in any TV competition. I’m more the type who want to prove to myself what I can do, I don’t need the world to know (but sometimes I like to share my success stories, though…). 

 9. Which teacher in grades Kindergarten through 12 has made the biggest impact on your life and why?

We had the same teacher from first through seventh grade and considering the major role she played in my life for so many years it would be silly to try and find someone else. 

 10. What do you estimate your life expectancy to be? How did you arrive at that figure?

My hope is to outlive my grandparents, parents and to see my children grow up and be able to help them with whatever they will need me for until that is no longer required. Everything after that is a bonus, anything before would be a tragedy. I don’t like talking about death, let’s enjoy life!


Bonus: Find a writing utensil and something to write on. Write, “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” Now write the same sentence with your other hand. Post a picture of your handiwork.


Now I’m gonna be bad. I won’t send this off to five to ten bloggers, I’ll settle for two, and I’ll pass this back to Lee. Lee can consider it an award for the all the fame and glory that follows, but shouldn’t have to go through the rituals again. I like his blog so I’ll give him that! (he may answer my questions though if he so pleases), and to my friends Silje, Kine and Hege. These questions are what I’m sending off: 

  1. What was your last instagram photo and do you have a story to follow?
  2. What is the background photo on you phone? 
  3. Where in the world would you like to be teleported to right at this moment, and who would you bring? 
  4. What is the last thing you learned? How did you come across this new knowledge? 
  5. If I ask: what was the last thing you read? what is the first thing that comes to mind? and why do you think that is what you first think of? 
  6. Pen or pencil?
  7. If you had a no-shopping year in front of you what would you buy before starting? 
  8. Who inspire you the most in life? and of course: why? 
  9. What is the last thing that made you smile? 
  10. What was the last compliment you received?

 Norwegian version: 

  1. Hva var på ditt siste instagrambilde? kan du fortelle litt rundt det? 
  2. Hva er bakgrunnsbilde på telefonen din? 
  3. Hvor i verden ville du helst blitt teleportert til akkurat nå og hvem ville du helst hatt med?
  4. Hva er det siste du lærte og hvordan kom du over denne nyvunnede kunnskapen? 
  5. Hvis jeg spør: ‘Hva var det siste du leste?’ Hva er da det første du tenker på? Hvorfor tror du dette er det første du tenker på? 
  6. Penn eller blyant? 
  7. Hvis du skulle hatt shoppestopp i ett år, hva ville du da handlet inn før du slutten med shopping? 
  8. Hvem inspirerer deg mest i livet? og hvorfor? 
  9. Hva er det siste som fikk deg til å smile? 
  10. Hva er det siste komplimentet du fikk? 
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their Liebster Award blog post.
  2. Answer the ten questions given to you by the person who nominated you. Bonus questions are optional.
  3. Nominate five to ten of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers. Provide a link to each, and notify them their nomination.
  4. List ten new questions for your nominees to answer. You may include more than ten questions, marked as bonus questions, but remember your nominees only need answer your first ten.
  5. Include the acceptance rules in your post, so your nominees know what to do.



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