Trying something new – interior designs

Girl's room nursery Delightful chatterI promise I won’t turn my blog into an interior design blog. It’s just that, well, we’ve decided to stay put where we live now. Make this our permanent residence for time and time to come. Unfortunately it’s not quite big enough for us, and the layout, well, the layout is a different story. So we’ve started tearing down a few walls and building up a few more. (read: my husband does the building and the tearing. Me? I’m architect/project manager – and I do my job well!;) ) Anyway, we’ve made a room for our little princess and I have gone far out of my comfort zone to add colour to it. It’s not all that daring, but to me, wow, I never thought I could add that many different colours to a room and still have it look ok.

Girl's room nursery Delightful chatter

I didn’t plan much before I started, but I wanted a chandelier and a wallpaper that I could vary the look of as our girl grows older. Now, the darkish purple is met with a soft pallet of pastels, but when she’s older it would take on a whole new look if combined with black, metals and mirrors. This time I decided on most of it, next time it’s her turn, but I hope she sees the wallpaper’s potential. 

Girl's room nursery Delightful chatter

The room makes me feel so happy. The sense of achievement lingers and has given me more courage when now taking on my son’s room. Girl's room nursery Delightful chatter


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