Cherishing Tuesday Chatter

My little princess awoke early this morning. We have a set time in the morning when morning starts and the children are not allowed up before then, except for under exceptional circumstances. This was an hour before that set time and I grunted and silently begged for her to turn around and fall asleep; it didn’t work. I picked her up from her bed and placed her in ours and hoped I could trick her into a wee nap; it didn’t work. Finally I placed her in her bed again and told her firmly that it was still night. She objected at first, but then stayed quietly in bed for another half an hour. Disappointed I had lost precious sleep I could feel the morning starting off on the wrong foot. I decided I could not let that happen and instead lay silently in the dark trying to wake myself up and change my state of mind. Negative thoughts started to drift away and were replaced by a positive mindset. Then I heard it, a weak melody prickling the darkness. The song of a robin singing to lure out the first rays of the sun.

My son has some stuffed toy birds that resemble the real ones and even play a melody identical to that of the resembling bird. Thanks to these I could easily recognise the bird.

It’s the first time I’ve ever recognised a bird based on its singing and the moment felt a little magical to me. I lay for a few minutes listening to the beautiful song. When it faded and ended I still had time to read for a few minutes before morning started. Despite the reduced hours of sleep, the morning turned to the better and really has improved the entire day.

What made your tuesday a day to cherish?


2 thoughts on “Cherishing Tuesday Chatter

  1. We had a small snow storm to freshen up the two feet of snow on the ground and I got a job offer at the local market this morning also. Turned out to be a pretty good day!

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