Cherishing Tuesday Chatter


The sun is out. The sky is blue. Days are now, with a few seconds margin, longer than the night. Temperature is increasing and I can finally say that spring is upon us. My papers are coming together, exams are just around the corner, my energy level is higher and the kids are happier. Half of the year I often find myself wondering why in the world we live in the cold, dark, north when there are so many warmer and brighter places around the globe. But then spring appears in all its glory. I become so high on life, and light, and no other place on earth could compare. In a few months’ time the dark night will be a distant, dark memory, then only allowed to appear as a dusky grey for a few hours between 2 and 4 at night. Now it’s time to soak up all the positivity and brightness from a world waking up from a slumber only to be teeming with new life. Enjoy!

What made your Tuesday?


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