International book day

Yesterday was the international book day, and I didn’t read a single page. Well, that’s a complete an utter lie, I’m in the middle of exams, again, and am currently writing three papers. I’m surrounded by books everywhere I turn. But I didn’t read for pleasure, or, well, I don’t really mind writing papers or reading what needs to be read in order to write them, but I didn’t read any fiction. In fact, I haven’t read fiction for months. I’m a few pages into “Water for Elephants” by Sara Cruen, I’ve read a few of the short-stories from Alice Munro’s last collection, and I’ve been to greece a few evenings with Victoria Hislop in “The Last Dance”. I wish I had time to read more, so now I’m making time!

I have just landed my first full-time teaching job. It’s also the very first time I’ve ever applied for a full-time teaching job. I’m very excited, but also very anxious about settling down with a full-time job. I’ve always done many things at once and now I’ll be doing one, and it’s very defined: I’m a teacher! But, anyway, with my current exam papers I am writing on future projects to run in class. I’ve had a go at these projects before writing about them while I was doing my trial-run as teacher through the teacher-teaching programme I’m currently enrolled in. One of the projects I’m writing about is how to have the students read more. And through that project my still imaginary class will have time at school every week to read, to just sit back relax and read. And in order to be a good role-model, I will do the same thing, and I will get to sit back, relax and just read. One of the the perks of being a teacher.


2 thoughts on “International book day

  1. I wish you all the luck in the world in your exams and for your new career. You are right to find some time each day for some reading for pleasure. Just like having a healthy diet and enough exercise, we all need relaxation and a change of occupation. This will make the paper writing much easier to do!

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