Last minute tomatoes 

I have started planting a few vegetables, I’m loving it. But suddenly decided that I would like to try tomatoes as well. And I just have to tell you, if you would like to do the same, that you can’t wait any longer. Planting tomato seeds now will give you tomatoes in late August. If you’re as far north as I am, or somewhere with similar temperatures you should get cracking now. It’s not expensive and it is very simple.

Last minutes tomatoes - planting tomatoes. Delightful chatter

You need a bit of good soil and obviously tomato seeds. I bought two types, one bush plant and one that stretches upwards and becomes about a metre long. I filled soil in some empty milk cartons, but you could use any type of paper or plastic based container. Fill two thirds or three fourths of soil, plant the seeds as deep as said on the package and spray with water. Cover the container with cling film or a see-through plastic bag. The plastic will keep the moist in and also work as a green house. When the seeds sprout and have grown up to touch the plastic, remove the plastic. When the sprouts start looking sturdier and taller, replant them in separate containers. Keep them inside a little longer. Plant them outside in a pot or in the ground at a sheltered place with plenty of sunshine.

If you find marigold seeds try planting those as well. Plant them with the tomato plants when you later plant them outside. The Marigolds are good for keeping away certain bugs and pests that could hurt your tomato plant. Basil is also a good companion plant for tomatoes. The petals of the marigold are edible, so with a bit a basil and a few marigolds you’re suddenly growing a proper salad right there in one pot. 

I cut open a tomato here the other day, an organic tomato that had been laying around for some time, and noticed that two of the seeds had started to sprout. The tomato was still good and the skin was still firm. As I had my tomato containers on the windowsill I planted the two sprouting seeds among the rest of my tomato sprouts. I’m very excited to see if those two manage to grow into proper tomato plants, and very curious about what type of tomato plant that will be.



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