Planning a vegetable garden

Planning a vegetable garden. Delightful Chatter

Sweet peas shoot up quickly

I’m so pleased with my boxed herb garden that I have now taken it to a new level. I have built more boxes and I now have my own little kitchen garden. I still haven’t harvested anything, but the plants are growing and it’s all looking very promising. I’m so pleased I’m smiling like crazy whenever I’m in the garden, and I’m there very often now, because of the smiling, but more because of what’s making me smile.

Planning a vegetable garden. Delightful Chatter

Courgette plant is growing to take over the world

I know nothing, or, well, I knew nothing, about gardening. I’ve taken babysteps this year and I have learned much. Every day is a new surprise as I have so little knowledge and thus so few expectations about what will happen next,  every time I see something new or if there has been unexpected progress I’m all excited.


Planning a vegetable garden. Delightful Chatter

Carrots look grassy, delicate and thin

I started planting inside in April, and I realise now that January/February is when I’ll start next year. We’ve had a very early summer this year and I should have had larger plants to plant outside already in May. I should still be able to harvest from them all during the summer and early autumn, but starting earlier would result in me being able to harvest in the early months of summer.

Planning a vegetable garden. Delightful Chatter

Lettuce started slowly and carefully – was then killed by the cat – and is now trying again

I started out with lettuce, courgettes (zucchini), carrots and sweet peas. They were all planted from seeds in proper soil in milk cartons covered with cling film or other types of see-through plastic. The plastic was removed when the sprouts had grown to reach it.


4 thoughts on “Planning a vegetable garden

    • Eg har prøvd å feila litt allereie med utplanting. Det ser ut som om det meste vil gje resultat, men neste år blir nok enno betre.
      Takk for besøk og hyggeleg kommentar 🙂

  1. I am so pleased you are enjoying your gardening. The little plants look very healthy and I am sure they will continue to thrive. You may be surprised at how quickly they catch up with plants planted earlier in the spring. Lots of warmth, sunshine, water and love and you will be eating your vegetables very soon xx

    • Thank you very much for you comment. I have been away from home for a few days now and I can’t wait to come home and see what has happened over those few days.

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