Perfect Saturday


It’ saturday, still, and will be for an hour longer than normal today, or at least I will pretend it is. It’s been a good day and it’s been a good week. I’m getting used to work, my body is getting used to the new the new daily patterns, and although the days are shorter, I feel more tired in the evening, I have more energy throughout the day. Daughter too has grown used to the long days in kindergarten and manage to sleep when she can. I saw the result of all this today. It has been such a good day!

I had one of those rare perfect days to the city with my two loverlies. We managed the butcher, the pharmacy, the market, the candy shop, and the library hand in hand, smiling and all feeling good. Thinking back there were birds singing, strings instruments playing, and people smiling and dancing in the streets. So, yes, my memories come with a silver lining. But we didn’t argue, there was no whining, and after the first two shops I sat down, brought my kids close and told them how proud I was, and how happy I was with how they acted and behaved. Later today they played together, we had pizza, watched Tarzan and they even went to bed tonight without telling me how I ruin their lives demanding they get the sleep they need every night. Which means we’re even off to a good start tomorrow.

And, you know what? We got windows today. We extanding out house slightly and improving the layout a lot, and has consequently been without windows (but with a whole lot of dust, mess, and chaos) for a few weeks. Tonight the house is not drafty, it’s warm and cosy. I see scary branches  doing intimidating moves in the dark, sending long shadows into what will soon be my living room, and I smile back at them. Welcoming their return. Even the sun came out today and showed me how gorgeously its rays will light up our house for years and years to come. The sun was only out for a wee while today just after the windows were fitted, so it’s clear that’s its main purpose was to brighten my life.

Now I’ve had a few hours to myself, enjoying solitude, silence, and songs. I am online again after being without an internet connection for some days, and I am now up to date on work, blogs, news, and the like. What a wonderful saturday it has been. I hope you too enjoyed it.


Postcard from the summer, Ai Casoni

Italian summer

Autumn is upon us, and I love it. Candlelit evenings, large cups of tea, the lemon/honey combination, the crisp air, the wind, the colours; autumn is definitely among my top four favourite seasons.

We’re adding a room to our house. The garden’s a mess. The living-room, kitchen, office and entrance are currently combined, and that room is also a mess. I want to buy flowers, I want to add some prettiness, but the furniture is stacked, layered, or crowded, there’s no room for a vase. So I look back at the days in Italy. This is from the Ai Casoni Agriturismo near Treviso in Italy. A tranquil little spot with flowers in abundance.

A happy tale and three happy tails

These little cuties lived with us for a few weeks this summer. We found them in my parents’ garden, or it might be more correct to say that we took them, or they were left to us. Their mum, a very young stray cat, lives under a playhouse in my parents’ garden. She hid well while we were there this summer, only venturing into the garden after dusk to search for food for herself and her wee ones. We played in that garden all day, there were six kids under the age of six and plenty of adults. But then suddenly, in the middle of the day, while the youngest kids were taking a nap and the oldest kids were inside, while we were collecting all the toys, we noticed a small bundle of kittens in the centre of the garden. They were many metres from the playhouse and their hiding spot. Their mother must have carried them out, and then left them! They were just huddled together only moving over, under or on top of one another. My husband picked them up and we found a box for them. We didn’t want the six kids to attack them, so we left them outside. Their mum came out after a few hours. Located them and had a sniff, but then she left again.

During the next few weeks I was introduced to formula for kittens, read up on the sucking reflexes of young kittens, weighed, cuddled, played with, and most importantly, found new homes for these little heartbreakers. Their mum is no longer with us. She was a stray and a neighbour of my parents’ ended her life swiftly. The three kittens have new, loving families and a cared for very well.

The end of the endless summer of 2014


The summer of 2014 has been long and wonderful. It has been so long, warm and delightful that it has felt a little unnatural. I’v caught myself wondering what could be wrong with this world and realized quickly that I don’t want to know. I have enjoyed the sun, the warmth, the long bright days and the precious time with my family. But lately I have been expecting autumn. Almost waiting for it. I don’t mind having summer, but it was as if my body was expecting something else: warmer clothes, quiet dark evenings, crispy brisk air, and a new colour palette. Autumn arrived two weeks ago.

Well, autumn arrived, and then left again. But every time it left it left a little more of itself. First came the cold mornings, then the colours, and then the crispy air. We had a few days of autumn last week, which left us with dark, cold mornings. Now all we’re missing is the unpredictable weather.

It’s been an easy transition this year. Normally I don’t like the transitional phases of the seasons, I wear the heavy coat on warm days, or I wear too little on the cold, I forget my raincoat when it pours, or I carry my umbrella around in the sun. This year there’s nothing to complain about.

The last evening I’ve spent surrounded by candles. I’ve drunk large cups of tea and I’ve been sporting a proper cold. Autumn is here, and I like it.