Flea market findings

I went to a flea market this weekend. It’s my first in years and I didn’t know what to expect. I guess I expected more, it was not more than one table of items for sale, but I was very fortunate and found exactly what I was looking for. The two jars are for a sourdough project I have going at the moment, I’ll get back to that in a few days. And I found a box for magazines. I plan on fixing it a bit, don’t know just what yet, but I’ll probably think of something. Hopefully I’ll get back to you on that as well very soon.

Jeg var på loppemarked for første gang på mange år og jeg visste ikke helt hva som ventet meg. Jeg hadde forventet mer, det var ikke mer enn ett bord med varer, men jeg var heldig og fant akkurat hva jeg var på jakt etter. Jeg kjøpte to norgesglass til et surdeigsprosjekt jeg har gående for tida, jeg komme nok tilbake til det I en post senere. Jeg fant også en aviskurv som jeg har planer om å fikse litt på, forhåpentligvis poster jeg om den igjen om noen få dager.


Booby Talk

You don't have to match your grandmother's underwear to find the correct size

You don't have to match your grandmother's underwear to find the correct size

Moving onto a personal subject here, but people need to be informed! Are you a size D or larger? If not, skip this blog post, if you are, read on.

My life changed when I found Bravissimo in Scotland. I have always been struggling to find the correct bra size, and the few times I have done so in Norway my wallet and VISA card have needed respiratory aid afterwards. Having larger than average boobs isn’t easy, and not having the right support for your girlies can lead to quite a nightmare. Not having the right support in your every day life leads to backaches, stooping postures and insecurity when it comes to clothes. Adding an active lifestyle to the mix, creates even more challenges. If you don’t have larger than average boobs (but decided to continue reading after all) let me try to explain what it feels like. Hang two bags of sugar, the regular type you find in the store of about 1 kg, over around your neck. This is the weight of someone with about an F-cup. Walk around with that for a day or two? How do you think it feels? Now try running. Or jumping. Now, imagine that you have nerves inside those bags as well, and than the bags of sugar also feel the pain of the bouncing. Wearing the wrong bra can feel just like that. And for all these reasons, and so many more, it is thus so important to find the correct bra size.

Next time you’re going to Britland (somewhere in Great Britain) look up a Bravissimo store and get fitted. Getting fitted doesn’t cost anything, and the bras cost a lot less than they do in Norway. You can also chose from a variety of different lingerie sets, and they now also have their own clothing line. For me, the Bravissimo stores are reason enough to go to Britland. You can find the different stores here

Dick&Daisy have a few Freya sets available now, and a few lingerie shops also have a few sets from brands such as Fantasie and Panache, but they are seriously expensive, and there is not much to chose from.

If you already know your bra size I recommend the Bravissimo online store, but if you are insecure about your size I would absolutely recommend a fitting.


Bento Boxes

I have reduced my intake of carbs by eating less bread, pasta and rice, but throughout my entire life I have packed lunches consisting of a piece or two of bread with a decent spread. In order to change this habit I needed more than just motivation. My inspiration came in shape of a comment or article somewhere on bento boxes. Bento boxes are a japanese type of lunch boxes, and of course, it has also been made into quite an art form. I searched the web and finally found these on ebay.

I love the separated rooms in these. I use one box for salad, the other for pieces of fruit (it is true that fruit tastes much better when chopped or diced). The thermo bag it comes in keeps it cold or warm for quite some time, and they boxes are truly air tight; apples I sliced didn’t even show a hint of brown after 3 hours in the box! After only a few weeks with this lunch box I can not imagine a life without it, and thankfully it has changed my lunches forever.

And a warning: the box below looks better, and I do like the bag better, but the lid broke after I had used it only twice (a bit because of my stupidity, but it was not a very intelligent design!) So steer away! DO NOT BUY!

The boxes can be bought here. And just to make it clear, I have no economical interest in anyone buying these boxes, I just recommend them.



Being a student I am, of course, of those who need to write quite a lot. And in those cases where it is easier to use a pen than a computer, it’s important to have a good pen!

When I was in one of my first years of primary school, pupils who didn’t hold the pencil properly were given a small rubber thing to use on their pencils to develop an ergonomically correct grip. I held my pencil correctly, but desperately wanted one of these things, and so I changes my grip. My teacher saw this as what it was, and wouldn’t give me one, and result is, I changed the way I held the pen, and kept the incorrect grip for the following 15 years. Writing exams and such turned out to be a painful ordeal and while working at an office supply store, I decided to change back. I found the perfect pen to help me do this, and actually managed after a very short time. I was ecstatic. I fell in love with the pen, but soon after it went off the market in Norway, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. While driving through Germany as part of our honeymoon in 2008 I found the pen again in Germany. I stocked up, but a few pens and even more refills, but now I was getting low on refills, and I only had one pen left. I searched the internet, trying every trick in the book, and found it in some webstores. But I refuse to pay 200NKr, 20 pounds, or 35$ for a pen, which is what the price came to with shipping and all. So I contacted Schneider directly, poured my heart out in an e-mail, and was astonished when I received an answer; and then even more astonished over what it said. They would send me three pens and refill cartridges free of charge. I love this pen even more now!