Cherishing Tuesday Chatter

IMG_9681Finding something to cherish this tuesday wasn’t all that easy. I have not had an easy day. It all goes back to this weekend:

I have faced one of my most dreaded challenges this weekend. And I now live to tell the tale. Husband is offshore, as he often is. I’ve had my mother-in-law, we call her Bestemor, has been here to babysit Daughter while I’ve been intern-ing(ish). She left of Friday to go back home. On Saturday morning my parents and youngest brother, all living in nearby, left to visit my older two brothers (who live far away). And then, on Saturday around noon I was struck, like lightning from a blue, clear sky, by one of the meanest viruses known to man: the stomach flu! I was out flat with two children to take care of. Many have been through worse, I know, and I am no hero. But I have dreaded this as one of the worse tasks that comes with having a man who works away from home. The stomach flu virus is very attracted to me and will jump me every. single. time. I hear about anyone who’s ill. And it hits me hard! Luckily, this time, the children didn’t get it at the same time…

The days following these 24 hours of pure agony I have, wisely, been following the new hip 3:4 diet. You’ve heard of the 5:2 diet? well, I live hardcore and have for the past 4 days had an intake of no more than 500 calories (on average). Today that resulted in nausea, dizziness, headache, short temper, but an acceptable weight loss. Son has been magnificent and knows not to piss off his momma, Princess darling, on the other hand, has had a day worse than me, or that is at least the message she has tried to get across today. Can you say whining? But now, I got it all out of my system and I can focus on what I want to remember from today:

  • I managed to go for a long walk today. It was windy with a few drops of rain in the air, but then suddenly the sun came out. My route was a large circle, starting off towards the west (towards Shetland) before heading north and walking east to get home. As I turned to start walking north, due to a windy path, I found myself facing east. Staring straight at the rising sun. It blinded me and showered me with light. This is quite amazing after weeks of not having seen the sun properly.
  • I complained to Son earlier today that this place was such a mess. Cleaning the house was not first priority during this weekend. Two hours after Son was supposed to be sleeping he called me from upstairs: “Mom, you know the sink in the bathroom? You know what? (he’s not very good at getting to the point – that could be hereditary) You don’t have to clean that now cause I just did!” He is an amazing wee man. And although he might have flooded the bathroom – that was one proud little man who went to bed again afterwards. He then, finally, fell asleep straight away.

What will you remember from your Tuesday? Please do share!


Flowers in my hair

“I picked this flower for you, mommy”, my son said and lifted up his wee hand holding a single white flower. The first flower of the year. Spring is here now and in a couple of weeks my wee boy is a year older. Life is good and every day is a new adventure.
I have accepted a ‘one photo a day’-challenge for April. Today the task was to photograph my reflection. Mission accomplished after a few hours outside geocaching with my in-laws. The flower is the one given to me by my little prince.


Swans and a sweet, old, lady

I was with Son in the city centre. We waited by the small lake where we were supposed to meet a friend of mine and her family. A family of swans currently resides in the small lake, a mother, a father, and their six wee ones (that aren’t all that wee anymore). We have been following them for some months now. Or, it must have been months, it seems like only weeks since we first saw the six wee creatures all cuddled up under their parent’s wings. Huddling together, peeking out to look at the people passing by.

Son is very fond of animals, and swans are no exception. We stood for a while looking at them. They swam nearer to us, and I felt bad I hadn’t brought anything to feed them. Son talked to them and wanted to pet them. He was almost on his way into the water at some point, but I managed to keep him on solid ground.

While standing there watching, an elderly woman stopped a few metres away from us and started throwing crumbles at the winged wonders. She then noticed Son who was still sweet-talking to the birds. She then came over, asked him if he would like to feed the swans. He of course jumped at the chance. She gave him the bag, at which he thanked her politely. She mad his day, or at least mine.

The world through the eyes of a toddler

Occasionally I am spellbound by what Son manages to comprehend, observe, ponder and reflect upon. Those wee people of no more than a few years in this world really have a lot to teach us. And they should never, under any circumstances be pushed aside, underestimated or ignored. Because of their inability to express their opinions verbally we often forget, or often aren’t aware of, their ability to listen, understand and consequently reflect upon and further develop the thoughts and meanings they hear from the people around them.

I am blessed with a son who speaks a lot, he has an ear for language. He is rarely quiet for more than a few minutes, and he even talks in his sleep. He has been able to express himself quite intricately for a long time already, which has really helped me understand how he sees the world, what scares him, what he appreciates, and not least, how well reflected a two year old really is.

Lately we have sometimes let Son run about with one of our cameras. He runs about and takes photos from his height the way he sees the world. Afterwards we sit down with him and let him guide us through the photos, he tells us what he has been able to capture. There’s always a lot to learn from such a session, and also from observing him as he runs about with camera in hand.

A lot of time was sacrificed trying to get a photo of our cat. Quite a few shots included a tail, a paw, or simply just grass, where Son had tried to take her photo but not succeeded. This furry little creature means a lot to Son but unfortunately the affection is not always returned.

The stairs that he’s not allowed to climb. Seen from a different angle than I usually see it from.

Documenting the hard work of his father, which Son helps out with the best he can.

And to round of: a self-portrait. Notice the smile 🙂

Remaking memories

My grandfather, Farfar, is 82. I love him dearly and try to visit often, but I fail, and I don’t see him as often as I want. He has been ill for a long time, an illness he has proven he can live with, but which is at the same time tearing on him. I have many fond memories of him from my childhood as I spent quite a lot of time with him growing up. He has taught me much and has told numerous fascinating stories from his life before he became a father, grandfather, and now a great-grandfather.

He loves it when Son visits, and although he’s often tired he always takes time and makes an effort to entertain and spend time with him. Last time we visited he brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy and love, as he helped Son up on his lap. Found a pencil and a piece of paper and drew animals and mythical creatures. He used to do the same with me when I was wee. His hands are shakier now and his lap can’t hold a child for as long, but he smiled, and Son smiled. The characters he drew were characters I know from my childhood. Now they are given new life with a new generation.

My Favourite Chocolate Cake

This image is from

This image is from

We have celebrated father’s day today. We started the day by letting Husband sleep in, Son and I woke him up at ten. He received his breakfast in bed. As he got up Son and I baked the best chocolate cake ever. Then we travelled across the fjord to my parents where we spent the rest of the day.

I dag har vi feiret farsdagen. Vi begynte med å vekke Mannen, etter at han hadde fått sovet helt til klokka ti, med frokost på senga. Mens han gjorde seg klar bakte vi verdens beste sjokoladekake før vi dro over fjorden til familien min hvor vi tilbrakte resten av dagen.

Son had a blast, playing with my brother, his girlfriend, my parents and my grandmother, my father’s mother. I think everybody’s happy about the day. But, back to the cake. I was considering keeping this one a secret, try to make it a “family secret”, but I found it online, it’s already out there. And; it’s too good not to share!

Sønn har hatt en fantastisk dag, han har lekt med min bror, hans kjæreste, mine foreldre og min farmor. Jeg tror alle er fornøyd med dagen. Men tilbake til kaka. Jeg lurte på om jeg burde prøve å holde denne oppskrifta en familiehemmelighet, men jeg fant den online så den er jo fremdeles publisert og lett å finne. Den er også for god til å holde for seg selv.

You need:

2 tablespoons coffee (cognac or rum will also do)

120 grams chocolate

100 grams butter

3 eggwhites

3 eggyolks

1 tablespoon sugar

A pinch of salt

50 grams ground almonds

50 grams flours


100 grams chocolate

5 tablespoons of butter

2 tablespoon of coffe (or rum or cognac)

Almond flakes for decorations


Du trenger:

2 ss kaffe (rom eller konjakk)

120 g sjokolade

100 g smør

100 g sukker

3 stk eggeplomme

3 stk eggehviter

1 ss sukker

1 klype salt

50 g malte mandler (du kan male dem med en stavmikser ellerkjøkkenmaskin)

50 g mel


100 g sjokolade

5 ss smør

2 ss kaffe (rom eller konjakk)

mandelflak (mandelskiver) til pynt

First whisk butter and sugar to a white creamy consistency, butter needs to be at room temperature. Melt the chocolate with the coffee (or alcohol if you prefer). Grind the almonds and stir the yolks. Add it all together.

Visp romtemperert smør og sukker sammen til en kremete konsistens. Smelt sjokoladen sammen med kaffien. Mal mandlene. Rør eggeplommene godt sammen. Bland det sammen.

Whip the egg whites, sugar and salt until it’s fluffy and white.

Visp eggehviter, sukker og salt sammen til hvit krem.


Cook for 22 mins at 175 degrees.

Stek på 175 grader I 22 minutt.


Simply melt the chocolate, butter and coffee, let both it and the cake cool and spread on the cake. Decorate the side of the cake with the almond flakes. Enjoy!


Smelt sjokolade, smør og kaffe, la glasuren og kaka avkjøle og smør det på. Pynt langs kanten med mandelflak. Nyt!


Fish Fingers

We sometimes have ready made fish fingers for dinner, but I think they’re boring, tasteless and, well, I haven’t really checked in detail what’s actually in them. Anyway, I decided to make my own. And as simple as it is, I’ll probably never buy premade ever again! I simply took a cod fish filet, sliced it into to suitable pieces. Dipped them in egg, then in bread crumbs (I just took a few slices of bread and grated using a cheese grater). And then fried. Served with boiled potatoes and a vegetable mix carrots, peas and maize.

Son loved it! Absolutely loved it. Throughout the meal he sat with one big chunk in each hand and he ate twice the amount I ate. We still didn’t finish it all and thus brought some of it for lunch in kindergarten, there he ate the rest, cold.

I love to see him eat fish as I know how good it is for him, and I cherish these moments as I am afraid he will become a picky eater as he grows older. But well, enjoy the moment.