Summer cake

Nothing says summer like this cake does. It should be eaten outside on a sunny day, with a glass of champagne on the side along with fresh strawberries and raspberries. I served this along with the Oreo cake last week and they were both well received.

The recipe is from Manuela’s Passion for Baking, a truly calorie-rich food-blog.


The cake is made up of two layers, for the first you need:

170 grams of ground almonds

3 eggs

175 grams of sugar

Whisk the eggs and the sugar until white, then add the ground almonds. Cook at 180 degrees for about 25 minutes.


Second layer:

250 grams of sugar

3 egg whites

1 egg

50 ml of lemon juice

The zest of about 2 lemons

65 grams of flour

A pinch of salt

The juice from 275 frozen raspberries

The only trick to the second layer is the raspberries. Put the amount you need in a microwave and heat them up a bit. Make sure they are slushy before you try to use them. Sieve the raspberries so that you end up with the only the juice from the berries. Mix all the ingredients together.

The batter for the second is very thin, and is supposed to be. Pour it on top of the cooked first layer and cook for an additional 25 minutes. When the top layer is no longer liquid the cake is done. Check how thin the top layer is by shaking the form a bit to see how the top layer moves.


Oreo cake

I have added a new cake to my list of favourites – oreo cake. It was served last weekend and was gone by the end of the day, which I see as an indication of success. The recipe was found at Trines Matblogg, which is unfortunately not in English. This is the cake and the recipe in Norwegian. 

The cake proved very easy to make; three layers, one bowl, and electrical whisk and a microwave is about all you need. Plus the ingredients:

First layer: 

300 grams of oreos

100 grams of butter


I melted the butter , threw in the oreos and mashed it all. Put all in a form directly on a serving platter.


Second layer 

200 grams of cream cheese

1 cup of frosting sugar

1/3 litres of cream

about 50 grams of oreos


Mix the cheese and frosting sugar, whip the cream and gently mix the lot. Chop the oreos and add to the mix.


Third layer: 

Chocolate mousse made from about 1,5 cups of milk

about 50 grams of oreos


I was lazy and did not bother making mousse from scratch. There are numerous recipes for mousse online, and there are most likely also ways to cheat no matter where you’re from.


The layers are made in chronological order. Simply put one on top of the other and decorate with chopped oreos and/or melted chocolate. The cake is as easy as it gets (at least if you don’t make the mousse from scratch). Hope you enjoy 🙂

Banana Cake

I had a few bananas on the counter that was close to be tossed out. I found a recipe for banana cake and decided to put the bananas to better use.

Start with 100 grams of room tempered butter

Add 1 dl of sugar (I used fructose instead of regular sugar). Whisk it until it’s fluffy and nearly white. 

Mix in two eggsMash 2-3 bananas

Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar and 2 dl of wheat flourThen add about 1 dl of dried fruits or berries and 1 dl of nuts.

I made this for serve when a friend came over, she has a son of the same age as Son, and as two one year olds would eat this I left out the nuts.

I baked bread the same day and was out of bread pans, so I fitted a milk carton to serve as a pan instead. If you do the same, remember to remove all plastic parts!

The recipe said to bake the cake at 175 degrees for 40 mins. I left mine in for a bit more than an hour, and it still was not completely done, so I would recommend leaving it in a little longer, and maybe also turn the heat up a bit

I think the cake would be perfect had I added the nuts and some dark chocolate.