Autumn Walk

Some days back, a friend of mine, Silje, her two children, Son and I, went for a walk in a forest nearby. The autumn colours are so beautiful right now, the weather was chilly and it was raining on and off all day. We only had light sprays as we walked and absolutely nothing to complain about. We walked slowly, letting the kids play, and took almost thee hours walking a round that would normally never take me more than an hour.

My friend’s oldest child is thee years old and play extremely well with Son, who is a year and a half. My friend’s youngest is only two months, and spent the entire trip wrapped in duvets and blankets in his carriage. And he slept like a baby for all the hours.

We chit chatted and laughed and smiled at our kids running around. We also dropped by an local farm where they sell biological groceries and homegrown vegetables. The kids were thrilled as they got to pick out some biscuits and dried fruits.




Son loves to throw rocks in the water and we often walk down to the beach and spend some time throwing rocks. He mimics the sound and says ‘bop!’. (plopp – bopp) After we have been there he talks about it all day long. Just had to share 🙂

Bad day gone good

This morning didn’t start out too good. It’s one of those mornings where everything goes wrong, and it didn’t stop after I left the house. I was in my office, and just had to go out for two minutes. When I came back the door turned out to have locked itself as I closed it. It’s an old lock, apparently not of the best quality and lose enough to manage to lock itself just because of the movement of the door being closed. My keys were inside my office, and I knew that if I left the building I wouldn’t be able to get back in. Luckily I met the cleaners just before they were about to leave and they were able to get me back in.

I tried to end the bad karma of the morning by walking home again. A good walk always brightens my mood. I met this guy and his friend on the way. He saw me coming some metres away and ran up to the fence to greet me. As I walked by I walked up to the fence to pet him, and as soon as I was about to touch him, he bent his head down and started eating, pretending I wasn’t there. Odd behaviour I must say, even for a horse!

Back home Husband surprised me with home made cauliflower soup with fresh baguettes, yum! It was his first time to make it from scratch, but it was sooo good. He had also cleaned most of the house. What a great husband I have!

One downside to walking home though; I haven’t done much of it lately, so I am now suffering. The pain!! (only sore muscles, and the feeling is still good)


Walking home

After some hours of intense reading at the office today, I decided to take the time to walk home. It’s about an hour and half walk, which is more time than I usually have to get home, but today I wanted to make it a priority. I don’t regret that. The weather was beautiful and 90 mins of crisp, clear, autumn air felt great! I really should try harder to make time for a daily walk. 

It is just lovely outside these days. I love autumn, I think I love all seasons, I just don’t like the time in between seasons. I don’t like the insecurity regarding the weather and how to dress when going outside. I want it to be so cold now that I have to wear a jacket when going out, a warm jacket that won’t be too warm as soon as I start moving. Well, I’ll leave you with this and sit back and enjoy the season, in a few months I’ll be sick and tired of it and longing for spring. Well, that’s then and this is now. Enjoy autumn everyone!