I want my food to be food!

I’m a little pissed off, maybe not the best mood to be in when I trying to reach out to other by the use of blog. But I have to get it out, I’m angry, disappointed, sad and exasperated. Again, this is another post about. Or, to be more politically correct it is rather about a lack of food. After I became a mom I have become more critical about I eat, what Husband eats, and not least, what Son eats. I’ve never seen myself as one of those hysterical persons who fret about everything. I have lived by mottos such as “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and thought that as long as you “bad” things aren’t eaten every day, it’s ok. Well, the meaning of the post is not to prove my sanity. Let me elaborate:


After becoming mom and being introduced to Nestlé’s baby food, scare tactics and ‘well-meaning words’ I have changed my way of life, considerably. And I have begun to develop an interest about food and become more aware of what I eat. And the more I read, learn and find out the more exasperated I feel. I want to share this knowledge and awareness, but I don’t want to make this just another thing that you have to worry about. But I am, and I become more and more convinced that we in this country need a food revolution. Actually not only in this country but let’s start out in a small scale. (Country-wide revolutions are a piece of cake!)


I want to, and I believe that everyone has the right to, demand that the food we buy mainly to consist of FOOD! I don’t my food to have been processed by people with PhDs in chemistry. I as pure ingredients as possible. I want food, not food additives I can barely pronounce. I’m willing to pay extra for decent food, but that does not mean proper food need to be ridiculously expensive. And I want people to see what’s happening.


It was recently announced that the owners of some of the largest foodchains in Norway won’t eat the food they sell because it has phosphate added, which can be added without any information being given to the customer. Why should we have to accept such additives? Why need there be flavour enhancers in so many products? Is there not enough taste in natural ingredients? Yes, there is, of course, but tasteless junk is so much cheaper, so we get spice mixes whose main ingredients are salt, sugar and flavor enhancers.


I want the food I eat to be food. I understand that some products need preservatives but there’s so much else added that is not necessary for anything other than the producer’s income. A panel in Belgium should not be necessary to tell us what we can or cannot eat. We need no discussions about the influence of substances on the body if no products contain these substances.


The food industry is out of control, and do exactly as they please. Cheaper is better, regardless of content. People are malnourished, despite sky-high calorie intake. The man in the street should not have to need higher education and develop special interest in food in order to read food labels.


I want more information, better products and normal food for everyone. We deserve it!

(I want to publish this asap and thus simply translated my Norwegian post and had Google Translate help me. It was done quickly and hastily and thus probably contain a number of typos, misspellings and embarassing gramamtical errors…)


Tomato soup / Tomatsuppe

I have just finished my lunch, leftover from yesterday’s dinner; homemade tomato soup. I made it yesterday for the first time, but definitely not for the last time!

Jeg har akkurat fullført lunchen min, rester fra gårsdagens middag – hjemmelaga tomatsuppe. Jeg lagte den for første gang i går, men det blir absolutt ikke siste gang!

This was actually my first meeting ever with home made tomato soup. Which is insane, considering how easy it was to make and how delicious it was compared to what I’m used to.

Det var faktisk første gang noensinne at jeg smakte hjemmelaga tomatsuppe – noe som er helt håpløst med tanke på hvor fantastisk mye bedre den var. Og så enkel i tillegg!

This is what I’m used to, and probably a large percentage of the inhabitants of Norway.

Denne er hva jeg er vant med, det samme er sikkert en stor prosentandel av den norske befolkningen.

And this is the content of this wee bag:

Dette er innholden I Toros tomatsuppe:

Corn starch, tomatoe, wheat flour, sugar, salt, milk, vegetable fat, flavour enhancer, aroma, onion, colour (paprika extract, beta apokarotenal)

Maisstivelse, tomat 23 %, hvetemel, sukker, salt, skummetmelk, vegetabilsk fett, smaksforsterker (natriumglutamat), aroma, løk, farge (paprikaekstrakt, beta apokarotenal).

I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe from Ministry of Food, and this is the contents of that:

Jeg brukte Jamie Olivers oppskrift fra Ministry of Food, og her er innholdet i den:

1 onion, 1 clove of garlic, 2 carrots, 2 boxes of chopped tomatos, 3 tomatos, 1 handfull of basil leaves, 2 stock cubes and olive oil.

1 løk, 1 fedd hvitløk, 2 gulerøtter, 2 bokser hakkede tomater, 3 hele tomater, 1 håndfull basilikumblader, to buljongterninger og olivenolje.

What would you prefer?

Hva hadde du foretrukket?

If anyone’s interested in the ‘how to’ of the soup, give me a wink, and I’ll post

Hvis noen er interessert i fremgangsmåte, så gi meg et lite vink så skal jeg poste.

Chicken Nuggets

I have recently developed an awareness to what is actually to be found in processed food. I’m trying not to become too hysterical about it and keep a healthy view on food. My general belief is that if you can’t recognise the contents of something as food, you should stay away from it.

I am ill today and haven’t wanted anything to eat all day, so I have no problems watching this video. If you have recently been to McDonalds or are planning on having a late night snack, or a meal, anytime in the near future, then I’d advice you not to see this film. 

If you want to make your own chicken nuggets (or any other type of nuggets) it is dead simple! (a bit more expensive though)

Cut chicken breast into small nugget-size pieces. Whisk an egg and pour into a soup plate, pour a few table spoons bread crumbs onto a second soup plate (You can also mix in sesame seeds with the crumbs). Season the chicken as you prefer, then dip the chicken pieces in the egg. Continue to cover them with crumbs and fry in a pan using a bit of canola oil. You need a bit more oil than normal here to get a crispy brown surface on the chicken. Fry until they are light brown and crispy on both sides.

These nuggets are delicious for dinner, in a salad or as a snack. Enjoy!