My brothers

I have three brothers. The world’s three best brothers. I consider them my most important rolemodels, and they have, in more ways than they can imagine, made me who I am today.

We don’t spend enough time together, it is neither of ours fault, we all have busy lives. Still, I never feel left out, and I never feel forgotten. They’re all there for me when I need them to. I know I mean a lot to them. One brother shows me with his eyes. His bad conscience for not being able to make me the top priority in his life. He would make every person in his life his main priority if he could. Still, he’s always there. One snap with my fingers and he’s there to help, or there to talk, or just to listen. Another stops his crazy schedule for me. His life comes to a halt, and a few hours it’s like nothing else matters, for the both of us. He guides and advices, but never judges. He’s comforting and safe. The third lives his life to the max. Everything he does he does using all of himself. I know I sometimes make him feel bad for not seeing me as often as he could. I am sorry for that, and I know it is just as much my responsibility. I know he needs time to breath. I know he will be there when I need him, and when he is he is here one hundred percent. So many times has he come out of his comfort sone to help me out. He never says no when the need is great.

One does everything he can to ease life for those around him. One does not know what harm and evil is. One can make friends with anyone in the world. One is as creative as creative gets. One can make you laugh no matter how deep the pain. One is a safe haven no matter what life throws your way. They are brilliant, each and every one of them. And so successful in the things they do. So often do I feel like I fail myself, but only because I try to measure up to the great standards they set. I am so proud of them. Their abilities combined would make the perfect person, but perfection is over rated, instead they are three of the most amazing men I have ever met.


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Bacon – med noko attåt! (and the secret ingredient is…!)

I bought bacon to use in a soup. As I fried it I noticed that it contained phosphate. (I was stupid enough to read up on how you can spot phosphate in food, unfortunately you have to fry it to be able to see, and as there is no information on the package, you get what I’m saying. Ignorance is bliss for only so long) This was expensive bacon with very little fat, and supposedly good quality. (I know some of you are giving me a face-palm now. Bacon!?! But back to the case.) As there was phosphate in it, I became curious to what else might be in it. And the label said it contained dextrose, which is grape sugar, now what is up with that?

Jeg kjøpte bacon til å ha i suppe. Mens jeg stekte så jeg at den inneholdt fosfat (jeg var dum nok til å lese om hvordan man ser om kjøtt og fisk inneholder fosfat, så hver gang jeg steker noe med fosfat så vet jeg om det…) Dette var dyrt bacon, filet type, med lite fett og virket som bra kvalitet. (ja, jeg er litt håpløs, det er tross alt bacon det er snakk om – men det er ikke poenget). Siden jeg da hadde oppdaget fosfatet, ble jeg nysgjerrig på om det var andre spennende ingredienser jeg fikk på kjøpet. Og joda, dekstrose, som er druesukker. Druesukker! I bacon! Er det bare jeg som blir forvirra?

Codfish dinner

As mentioned before Trine has the most amazing recipes, with a new one added every day! This post is just to credit her for one of her codfish recipes

. If you’d like the recipe you could either try google translate at her site, or give me a winke and I’ll post it in English.

Som nevnt tidligere har Trine mange gode oppskrifter, og hun oppdaterer daglig! Vi prøvde denne torskeretten tidligere I uka. Jeg kommer bare med oppskriften på engelsk, vil du prøve den selv så har Trine den HER.


Chocolate (Not a feel-good post)

I needed chocolate to bake with, I just dropped by the nearest shop. Three types to choose from, Freia’s Lys Kokesjokolade, Freia’s Dronningsjokolade and Eldorado’s Kokesjokolade (kokesjokolade=directly translated “cooking chocolate”). Eldorado’s was half the price of the two others, one point for Eldorado. But the same chocolate contained vanillin, which I because of the price assume is chemically produced. The label said: aroma (vanillin). I go to the pricier alternative, read the label, which says: Aroma. Two points for Eldorado. One for price, one for honesty.

Jeg trang kokesjokolade og stakk innom nærmeste Kiwi. Tre typer av lys sjokolade hadde jeg å velge mellom: Freias Lyse Kokesjokolade, Freias Dronningsjokolade og Eldorados Kokesjokolade. Eldorado var omtrent halv pris av de forrige. Ett poeng til Eldorado. Så leser jeg på baksiden; ‘Aroma (Vanillin)’ står det, sort på brunt, jeg går selvfølgelig ut i fra at det er kjemisk produsert vanillin. Jeg går til Freia. ‘Innhold: Aroma’. Jeg valgte Eldorado. Ett poeng for pris, ett poeng for ærlighet.


Am I correct to instantly assume the worst?

Er det rett av meg å anta det verste her?


I want my food to be food!

I’m a little pissed off, maybe not the best mood to be in when I trying to reach out to other by the use of blog. But I have to get it out, I’m angry, disappointed, sad and exasperated. Again, this is another post about. Or, to be more politically correct it is rather about a lack of food. After I became a mom I have become more critical about I eat, what Husband eats, and not least, what Son eats. I’ve never seen myself as one of those hysterical persons who fret about everything. I have lived by mottos such as “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and thought that as long as you “bad” things aren’t eaten every day, it’s ok. Well, the meaning of the post is not to prove my sanity. Let me elaborate:


After becoming mom and being introduced to Nestlé’s baby food, scare tactics and ‘well-meaning words’ I have changed my way of life, considerably. And I have begun to develop an interest about food and become more aware of what I eat. And the more I read, learn and find out the more exasperated I feel. I want to share this knowledge and awareness, but I don’t want to make this just another thing that you have to worry about. But I am, and I become more and more convinced that we in this country need a food revolution. Actually not only in this country but let’s start out in a small scale. (Country-wide revolutions are a piece of cake!)


I want to, and I believe that everyone has the right to, demand that the food we buy mainly to consist of FOOD! I don’t my food to have been processed by people with PhDs in chemistry. I as pure ingredients as possible. I want food, not food additives I can barely pronounce. I’m willing to pay extra for decent food, but that does not mean proper food need to be ridiculously expensive. And I want people to see what’s happening.


It was recently announced that the owners of some of the largest foodchains in Norway won’t eat the food they sell because it has phosphate added, which can be added without any information being given to the customer. Why should we have to accept such additives? Why need there be flavour enhancers in so many products? Is there not enough taste in natural ingredients? Yes, there is, of course, but tasteless junk is so much cheaper, so we get spice mixes whose main ingredients are salt, sugar and flavor enhancers.


I want the food I eat to be food. I understand that some products need preservatives but there’s so much else added that is not necessary for anything other than the producer’s income. A panel in Belgium should not be necessary to tell us what we can or cannot eat. We need no discussions about the influence of substances on the body if no products contain these substances.


The food industry is out of control, and do exactly as they please. Cheaper is better, regardless of content. People are malnourished, despite sky-high calorie intake. The man in the street should not have to need higher education and develop special interest in food in order to read food labels.


I want more information, better products and normal food for everyone. We deserve it!

(I want to publish this asap and thus simply translated my Norwegian post and had Google Translate help me. It was done quickly and hastily and thus probably contain a number of typos, misspellings and embarassing gramamtical errors…)

Jeg finner ikke en tittel som er bra nok til at du garantert leser dette

Jeg er litt forbanna, kanskje ikke det beste humøret å være i når jeg uttaler meg i sosiale medier og ikke aner hvem leseren er. Men jeg må få det ut, jeg er sur, skuffet, lei og oppgitt. Igjen skal innlegget handle om mat. Eller, for å være mer politisk korrekt så er det vel heller mangelen på mat. Etter jeg ble mamma er jeg blitt mer observant på hva jeg spiser, hva Mannen spiser, og ikke minste, hva Sønn får i seg. Jeg har aldri sett på meg selv som et “hysterisk kvinnfolk”, litt politisk ukorrekt igjen, men du vet kanskje hva jeg mener allikevel? Jeg har levd etter motto som “det som ikke dreper deg, gjør deg sterkere” og tenkt at så lenge ting ikke blir spist hver dag, så er det vel ikke noe farlig? Vel, meningen med innlegget er ikke å overbevise deg om at jeg er et oppegående menneske. La meg utdype:

Etter å ha blitt mamma og blitt introdusert for Nestlé sin barnemat, samt skremselspropaganda og ‘velmenende ord’ har jeg endret livsstil, betraktelig. Og jeg har begynt å interessere meg for og blitt mer obs på hva vi faktisk spiser. Og jo mer jeg leser, lærer og finner ut jo mer oppgitt blir jeg. Og jeg vil videreføre denne kunnskapen og bevisstheten, men har ikke lyst til å skape enda en dårlig samvittighet ovenfor småbarnsforeldre (og i de tilfellene jeg har observert er det som regel mødrene som tar det mest over seg) som allerede blir bombardert med tips og råd fra alle og enhver. Men jeg er, og blir mer og mer, overbevist om at vi I dette landet trenger en matrevolusjon. Egentlig ikke bare her til lands, men la oss begynne i det små. (landsomfattende revolusjoner er jo bare blåbær!)

Jeg vil, og mener vi alle har rett til å kreve, at maten vi kjøper hovedsaklig skal bestå av MAT! Jeg trenger ikke at ingrediensene I maten jeg spiser har vært innom et menneske med en doktorgrad i kjemi. Jeg vil ha så rene råvarer som mulig. Jeg vil ha mat, ikke tilsetningsstoffer som jeg knapt klarer å uttale. Og jeg vil ikke bli veganer, stemme RV, sove ute og dyrke all min mat sjøl for å oppnå dette.  Jeg betaler gjerne ekstra for skikkelig mat, men det betyr ikke at det skal få lov å bli latterlig dyrt. Jeg vil vekke mennesker der ute og få folk til å bli mindre lettlurte, for ja, det er vi. Dessverre.

Nylig ble det kjent at matvaretopper ikke spiser den maten de selger fordi den blir tilsatt fosfat. Hvorfor skal vi måtte godta at det blir tilsatt slikt i maten vår? Hvorfor skal det være smaksforsterkere i så mye av det som selges? Er det ikke nok smak i naturlige råvarer? Joda, det er det, men smaksløst fyllstoff er så mye rimeligere, derfor får vi krydderblandinger hvor hovedingredienser er salt, sukker og smaksforsterkere.

Jeg vil at maten jeg spiser skal være mat. Jeg forstår at noen produkter må ha konserveringsmidler, men det er så mye annet som blir tilsatt som ikke er nødvendig for annet enn produsentens inntekt. Et panel i Belgia skal ikke være nødvendig for å fortelle oss hva vi kan spise, vi trenger ingen diskusjoner om stoffers påvirkning på kroppen viss ikke produktene tilsettes disse stoffene.

Matvareindustrien kjører på akkurat som de ønsker. Rimeligere er bedre, uansett innhold. Folk blir feilernært til tross for skyhøyt kaloriinntak. Det er ikke meninga at mannen i gata skal måtte spesialutdanne seg for å lese innholdet av maten han spiser.

Mer informasjon om råvarer, renere produkter og naturlige råvarer til folket.

Bearnaise butter

We had the best steak dinner last Sunday. Steak with bearnaise butter, fresh salad, homemade dressing and fried mushroom. I found the recipe for bearnaise butter in a book by and about a local grocery store and I just have to share it. It really bring a steak to new heights!

Vi hadde den beste biffmiddagen jeg noensinne har hatt forrige søndag. Løvbiff med bearnaisesmør, salat, hjemmelaga dressing og stekt sjampingjong. Jeg fant oppskrift på bearnaisesmør i en bok om og av Helgø (en lokal butikkjede) og den må bare deles! Den hever biffmiddagen til nye høyder.


You need:

2 tablespoons of freshly chopped tarragon (dragon’s wort)

2 tablespoons of freshly chopped onion

1dl of whitewine vinegar

2 dl of white wine (or applejuice)

100grams of unsalted butter

Salt, pepper and lemon juice


Du trenger:

2 ss finhakket frisk tarragon

2 ss finhakket løk

1 dl hvitvinseddik

2 dl hvitvin (kan erstattes med f.eks eplejuice)

100 g usaltet smør

Salt, pepper og saft fra en halv sitron


Place the butter in room temperature so that it is soft and easy to work with by the time the rest is done. Chop onions, tarragon and a little garlic (if you like) and add to a pot with the vinegar and wine. Let it boil until all liquid has vapourised. Mix everything together and add salt, pepper and lemon as you please.

Sett smøret i romtemperatur så har det fått greit temperatur og mykhet før resten er ferdig. Finhakk løk, estragon og evt ett fedd hvitløk, ha i en gryte med eddik og vin og kok inn. All væsken skal fordampe. Bland etterpå alt sammen og smak til med salt, pepper og sitron.