The 24th day of December *Christmas Eve*

God Jul! 😀 We have reached the final day of my countdown. Today we celebrate Jul and tomorrow it’s all over. No, it’s not, not really, The days after We are spending the day with family, chillin out, maxin, relaxin and all that all day long, and long into the wee hours of the night. Son is thrilled about everything walking around the house calling for Santa (‘isse! ‘isse!). He’s been so patient looking at all the gifts around the house. Every time he wants to open one, we remind him that we have to wait until the main day of yule, and he nods his head in agreement and says: “Gift. Yule. Yes.” (Pakke. Jul. Ja.)

It’s ironic that on a day of bliss, material extravaganza and so much food, the most important song to me is Do they know it’s christmas by Band Aid. This song should give me nothing but a bad conscience about the materialistic way of life we have, but I need it to get that special cosy yule feeling. Hypocritical of me? Yes, very! I guess I block out the meaning of the words when I sing along.

I don’t mean to spoil the day for you. But enjoy what you have, appreciate those around you. To honour those who don’t have it all, truly cherish what you have. Don’t take it for granted. So to get the best out of today, love, and love with all your heart and remember just how fortunate you are.

Band aid – Do they know it’s christmas  

Band aid 20 – do they know it’s christmas  


The 23rd day of December

As mentioned earlier, the boybands of the 90s left their mark on me. Backstreet Boys were the main sinners, which results in this song having a very high priority on my list. The song was published in 1997. Hope you enjoy!

Backstreet Boys – Christmas time

The 22nd day of December

Today I present to you the best selling single of all time, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. If you haven’t heard it before, you surely must have lived on the moon, or further away. Even in North Korea it should be well known.

The singer, Bing Crosby, though not the first to sing either of the songs today, lived from 1903 to 1977 and was one of the great entertainers of last century.

Bing crosby – winter wonderland

Bing Crosby – White christmas 

The 21st day of December

It’s simply not christmas without this song! Originally by Brenda Lee in 1958. The version I have here is one from 1987, so almost as old as I am, which was recorded for charity by Kim Wilde and Mel Smith. The song raised funds for Comic Relief.

The song is credited to  Mel & Kim as a parody of the singers Mel and Kim, who were very popular at the time of publication.Mel & Kim – Rocking around the christmas tree


The 20th day of December

Step into christmas was published in 1973 as a stand alone single. The original would have been fun to get hold of, or at least a copy of the b-side of the record which had the song Ho! Ho! Ho! (Who’d Be a Turkey at Christmas). The song is anyway a fun, up-beat tune, and I hope you enjoy it!

Elton John – Step into christmas

The 19th day of December

I have to give you two versions of the same song today. The song was first sung on a radio show in November 1934. Already by the next day 100 000 copies of sheet music were ordered, and by yule that year 400 000 copies were sold. An instant hit in other words. Numerous recording have been done by all kinds of musicians have been made since then, including names such as Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Green Day and Destiny’s Child. The two versions I have on my list are those of Jackson 5 and Frank Sinatra.

Jackson 5 – Santa clause is coming to town

Frank Sinatra – Santa Clause is coming to town

I hope you enjoy!


The 17th day of December

The Swedish song “O Helga Natt” should have been today’s song had my sister-in-law had a say in this blog. I’m just joking, neither of us are fond of this song, so we’ll stay on the same path as yesterday. The Beatles, or Featles as John Hannah calls them in Sliding Doors (a must-see film for anyone with a hear, and a love for Scottish accents). Today it is Paul McCartney who’ll help us create that warm fussy yule-feeling wishing us a Wonderful Christmastime. Enjoy!