Spring is here!

Spring has arrived! The temperature has now reached a two digit number, the days are longer, the leaves are popping out and the world is slowly and carefully coming back to life. We has just returned from a short trip to London, which was fabulous, and life is good! To complain a bit: I could do with a better immune system, and I’m behind on work because of lack of energy and oh-too-many days spent under the duvet due to various flu-like viruses. But time will take care of it all and I should soon be back on my feet.

While still only longing for spring, after seeing but a few, discrete signs that winter was letting go, Son and I decided to kick-start spring inside. A few empty milk and juice cartons were remodelled slightly to serve as beds for newborn herbs.

After only a few days green sprouts dotted the black soil, and already before they had reached a centimetre in height, the herbs already gave off a delicate scent and a promise of what’s to come. Son has been tenderly watering and checking on his plants every day and is very excited to observe their development. 


Visiting the violent past

I’m quite weak when it comes to swords. Of course physically, when compared to a sword, but also how I am very fascinated with swords and how they were made, used, etc. I even own a few myself. This is a little odd as I am very much against having weapons in the house, and I guess I am as close to being a pacifist as one can be, but without making much of an effort to promote my views.

Old swords get my attention. The new-fashion types that are designed to look like something bizarre out of a fantasy novel do not catch my interest at all. A claymore on the other hand, with its 140cm, and a design that was developed based on its use and the preferences of the individuals who wielded them – then we’re talking! Or the swords of vikings, where some of the metal came from far away and was mixed with the local sorts, in order to make the metal exactly as hard and flexible as it needed to be. With carvings and decorations that told stories about the sword’s wielder. Fascinating!

Son is now in a pirate phase. Everything pirate is amazing in his eyes, and he roams around every day singing songs that sound like sea shanties and threatens family members to walk the plank. I don’t mind this craze, I know it’s temporary. But I am guilty in trying to steer him towards my own interests, without taking him too far away from his own. Or, I don’t really want to steer him onto anything, but now that he is interested in pirates, I thought that was a good chance to introduce him to vikings. So on a Sunday afternoon I took him to the archaeological museum in town to show him these beauties (see photos). And he did love it, almost as much as I did!

Watching the birds

I am flat down on the floor taking some photos near the window. I hear the cat coming down the stairs behind me. And, boy, I am overwhelmed by the intelligence of that! 😉  Let me tell you:

She sat down by her bowl to eat. I called her over. She answered a weak “Mah” but didn’t move away from the bowl. I tried again “come over here and have a look. I know you’ll like it”. She answered again, the polite cat that she is, but refused to believe that what I saw outside the window was more interesting than the contents of her bowl. That is when I realised I had to try her language: “Bidgies!”, I said. That got her running. She was by my side in no time!

Our cat is not the cuddly type, she sleeps in my lap about four times a year, but she does let people pet her, if she’s in the mood. But, at least we have long meaningful conversations. This is what followed: I look out the window, repeat the word ‘bidgies’ and say something that sounds like a guttural, open-unrounded-back-vowel version of ‘craw craw craw’. The cat turns to me, repeats the sound and looks out at the birds. She then repeats the sound while looking at the birds. After a while she goes quiet. She gently turns her head to look at me. I look back and our eyes meet. Her eyelids gently close as she blinks at me. She opens her eyes, I blink back, she blinks a second time and turns to watch the birds again. “You’re quite alright at times”, I admit to her. “Mah”, she answers.

And that is the entertainment for days when getting up from the floor results in headaches and dizziness. I remained on the floor for some time, which instead of a headache, gave me a few nice shots of the cat and a few herbs we’ve just planted that I would like to show you. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Thinking ’bout summer

I’ve been quiet for a while. My body decided to improve my immune system by downloading and installing an immunity to this year’s flu. Unfortunately, what the body did not consider was the length and difficulty of the installation process and the fact that in order to install this immunity the body needed to suffer a proper virus attack first. Consequently I have been out for more than a week, first with the flu and now with sinusitis.

I like to push myself when feeling weak, but this time my body has spoken clearly: I have not been able to do anything! So it’s been a progess of panicking for the first few days about everything I should have done and now failed to do, to accepting the virus and succumbing to its effect, and then to relax and give my immune system time to work. Now I expect to be back on my feet in a few days’ time.

The best cure now seems to think a bit ahead. I have many things I look forward to, but what especially works wonder against headaches and stuffed noses is the summer holiday. My father is turning 60 and has invited his four kids, and our partners and kids, to celebrate him in ITALY! Our extended family will spend a week together near Venice, at a hotel by the beach in each our flat. Perfect! Husband, Son, and I have decided to go to Italy a week before the rest to travel around a bit. I haven’t been to Italy now for four years, last time was our honeymoon, but this will be my tenth time (or thereabout) in the area.

Our fortnight in the sun will be perfect! One week by the beach and the Adriatic sea, a few days in Gardaland (a large amusement park), and a few days in a lazy, Italian, small town called Benzone. I can’t wait!

(The photo was stolen from maps.google and is from Brenzone)